The Canadian Concussion Collaborative recommends that all recreation providers, sport organizations and sport event organizers implement a concussion management protocol. In support of this, the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) is following the lead of the Alberta Concussion Alliance (ACA) and has produced this Policy and Protocol to aid Alberta’s soccer community in realizing this goal.

The ASA encourages all individuals involved in the sport of soccer to educate themselves on the subject of concussions. The ACA is a leading resource that will be maintained and that will be reviewed regularly for updates to the protocol. Please see for more information.

This document is designed to provide guidance to ASA member organizations responsible for operating, regulating or planning soccer based events with a risk of concussion to participants in the development, establishment and implementation of policies, procedures and programs for the prevention, early recognition, treatment, and education of sport and recreation related concussions and head injuries.

Please click here for a PDF download of the ASA Concussion Policy.

Please click here for a pocket concussion recognition tool.