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Please Coaches and Parents please watch this funny video of how we should interact with our referees! Treat our Referees with respect!

Referee Resources and Links:

Alberta Soccer Referees Association

Ref and Field Coordinators/Assignor List:


Southeast – Ref Assignor         

Josh Viste


Hardisty – Ref Coordinator
Shelley Svidal
Ph: 780-462-4599
Email: shelley.svidal@shaw.ca

Mill Woods – Ref Assignor
Ricardo Lodhar
Ph: 780-721-5710

Referee Information

Additional information can be found on the EMSA Main site.

Referee Indoor Assignor:

Ed Charpentier
Ph: 780-405-8960
Email: technicaldir@emsamain.com


Cautionable Offences (Yellow Card)

USB – Unsporting Behavior
DISSENT – Dissent towards the referee
PO – Persistent Offenses
EFP – Entering field of play without referee’s permission
LFP – Leaving field of play with referee’s permission
2 yellow cards in same match – ejection

Common Ejections

Boarding (Indoor Only) (1-3 or more games)
SFP – Serious Foul Play (1-4 or more games)
VC – Violent Conduct (2-10 or more games)
Spits – Spitting at an opponent/other person (Automatic Hearing)
DOGSO – Denying and obvious goal scoring opportunity (1 or more games)
OIAL – Offensive, insulting or abusive language NOT at referee (1-2or more games)
OIAL – Offensive, insulting or abusive language at a game official (4 or more games)
2nd CO – Second cautionable offence

Suspensions are AUTOMATIC and Team Officials shall be responsible to heading the suspension regardless of whether or not they have been officially informed by the League Director or Discipline Director.

We know that each year some referees do not show up for one reason or another. We cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate those officials who stay extra or step in and help out when they see a fellow official on their own! This not only helps the other official but it also helps the most important people, the kids. If someone does show up please do not send them away.

Rain Out Lines:
City of Edmonton: 780.496.4999 ext. 1
EMSA South Complex at Ivor Dent Park: 780.443.6000
Spruce Grove: 780.962.7602
ESA Complex North (aka Henry Singer): 780.443.6016
Sherwood Park: 780.467.5800
St. Albert City Fields: 780.459.1568
St. Albert RIEL Fields: 780.458.8973 ext. 1
Stony Plain: 780.963.8607