2021 Outdoor Season

We know this year holds lots of uncertainties, but we’re determined that we will have a 2021 Soccer Season. We are preparing for a number of different scenarios and we will continue to work together with the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association and Alberta Soccer to determine exactly what the season will look like.

Due to the uncertainties at this time ESESA has decided to open initial registration, We would like to have players register soon so we can get an understanding of the interest and numbers for the 2021 Season.


SCENARIO #1 – Return to Play (modified)

  • Similar to last outdoor season
  • Cohort limit of 50 (subject to change)
  • U13 to U19 scheduled by EMSA Main
  • No tournaments or post season play

 SCENARIO #2 – Return to Soccer

  • Similar to 2019 season
  • Potential tournaments and post season play U11 & up

Please keep in mind that we are continuing to follow the direction of Edmonton Minor Soccer and Alberta Soccer under the guidance of Alberta Health Services. This means although this is our initial plan, it is subject to change.

Our goal moving forward is to ensure our players will not lose the prospect for development and will have the opportunity to get outside and continue to play the game that they love, though perhaps a little differently.

We will definitely need to lean on our membership in a volunteer capacity to help us with coaching, managing, and covering off on safety related duties that we will be required to do. Leading by example for our kids and following all related safety protocols will be everyone’s responsibility.

Registration for the 2021 Outdoor season opens March 15, 2021.  Below you’ll find a lot of information on the season, how to register & pay – please review prior to registering.  If you can’t find the answer to a question, please contact our zone Administrator (admin@southeastsoccer.ca).

Season Start Date: Approx. June 15, 2021


  • Outdoor Soccer Registrations are to be mailed or emailed to the office at the address below
  • ESESA 6520 Roper Road, Edmonton, Alberta, T6B 3K8 (mail box attached to the outside of the building)
  • admin@southeastsoccer.ca
  • All listed items below must be included in your registration package:
  • 1 copy of government issued id for the child
  • 1 copy of your community league membership
  • 2 separate deposit cheques made out to ESESA – 1 for $75.00 for jersey deposit and 1 for $100.00 for volunteer deposit both post dated June 1, 2021.
  • If you would prefer not to use cheques you can send in the credit card pre authorization form attached below:
  • 2021 outdoor credit card pre auth form
 In order to be placed on a team your child has to be registered and paid including all fees, deposits, proof of age (government ID) and proof of community league membership.


Playing Days Outdoor 2021 TENTATIVE updated June 8

***Please note that these playing days above are still tentative and are subject to change at anytime!


U5 – $125.00

U7 – $180.00

U9 – $225.00

U11 – $250.00

U13 – $280.00

U15 – U19 – $290.00

Storm Fee – $250.00

Jersey Deposit – $75.00

Volunteer Deposit – $100.00

Financial assistance is available through Kidsport & Canadian Tire Jump Start programs & must be applied for at the same time as registering for our soccer program. Check out our Financial Assistance page for links to Kidsport & Jump Start.


  • Schedules for U5 – U11 will be posted on our website on June 30 at 5:00 PM
  • Schedules for U13 and up will be posted on our website on June 25 at 5:00 PM


    • Purchase a 2020/2021 community league membership (valid from September 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021) from the community where you live, or through EFCL.
    • Log in to your Household Account via the EMSA Soccer Portal.  ** If you have changed your address since you last registered, please contact the ESESA Administrator (admin@southeastsoccer.ca) so the address can be changed and/or your community league name can be updated prior to registering.
    • If you don’t have an account, follow the step by step instructions in the Soccer Portal to create one.
    • Register all players for the 2021 Outdoor season.  You must register under the community where you live.  You may request for your child to play in another community but please keep in mind it is only a request and there is no guarantees that your child will be allowed to play in another community team.
    • Team Officials – Please complete your child’s registration first then register yourself as a team official. When completing the team official registration please add in community name, age level, and gender as well as team official role (Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager).

Please click link below for Age group and playing dates:

2021 Outdoor Age Categories and Tentative Playing Dates

Register Beginning March 15, 2021.

2021 Outdoor Coaches Handbook:

2021 Coaches Handbook June 21


For the 2021 Outdoor Season EMSA Carding Information please click link below.  All information pertaining to carding is found in the link.


Player/Team Official EMSA ID Cards

EMSA ID Cards Mandatory for:


  • Community Players: U13 – U19
  • Premier Players (Storm): U9 – U19


Team Officials- Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers:

  • Community Team Officials: U9 – U19
  • Premier Team Officials: U9 – U19

If a player/team official participates without an EMSA I.D. card, the game is forfeited.


    • Refund requests for REGISTRATION FEES received on or before the first scheduled game will be fully refunded.
    • Due to Pandemic protocols, we are unsure as to what dates the season will commence.   Registration Refund requests received after the first game scheduled will be prorated based on a percentage system. Up to a maximum of 50%.
    • Refunds of Registration Fees paid take into consideration all ESESA cost incurred. *
    • All fees are 100% non-refundable commencing four weeks after the first game scheduled- If not affected/related to pandemic or medical issues.
    • Storm Fees – Refund requests received after the first game scheduled will be prorated based on percentage system. Up to a maximum of 50%. Refunds of Storm fees paid take into consideration all STORM costs incurred. **

*percentage of:  admin fee, games scheduled, facilities fees, ASA fees, CSA fees

** percentage of:   tryout costs, training costs, Storm Administrator cost.