Please review the following information to ensure that all members of your team are fully prepared for your indoor season.

EMSA Games are played in three Edmonton Soccer Association Facilities, as well as, the Tri-Leisure Centre in Spruce Grove:

  • Edmonton Soccer Centre East
    12720 Victoria Trail
    Edmonton, AB T5A 5G4
  • Edmonton Soccer Centre South
    6520 Roper Road
    Edmonton, AB T6B 3K8
  • Edmonton Soccer Centre West
    17415 – 106A Avenue
    Edmonton, AB T5S 1M7
  • Tri-Leisure Centre
    221 Jennifer Heil Way
    Spruce Grove, AB T7X 4J5



Facilities do charge an admission rate. All players and up to 3 coaches will receive free entry into the facilities. EMSA has recently come to a new agreement with respect to presenting a facilities pass. Please review the new policy here. This memo has also been printed and included in the coaches’ kit.

For public details please visit the Edmonton Soccer Association website by clicking here.


Camera Policy:

Camera refers to all recording or image capturing devices.

Photograph/photo refers to all forms of captured images.

1. Photo taking and video recording is not permitted on the field, in the player/ref/penalty boxes, or from the hallways leading to the dressing rooms. In order to photograph from any of these areas special permission is needed from the Edmonton Soccer Association Facilities management.
2. Photo taking and video recording is permitted from the lounge, bleacher area or behind Plexiglas on main floor. Photos are only allowed after first seeking consent of the individuals or in the case of a minor their parents/guardians of all the individuals being recorded or photographed.
3. Under no circumstances are photographs or videos allowed to be made in the dressing rooms and washrooms. This includes all electronic devices with camera capabilities.
4. Individuals violating this policy will be asked to stop taking photos/videos. Further disciplinary action including fines, bans and bonds may be imposed.


Should you have any questions or concerns, or if you are seeking special permissions for photography outside of the designated areas, please contact the Operations Manager at 780-413-4125
ext. 222 or