EMSA I.D. Cards

2017/2018 Indoor Season:

ALL team officials for U6-U18 will require an EMSA I.D. card for the indoor season. EMSA will provide each team with three (3) stickers, at no charge, which will then be placed on the back of the EMSA I.D. and will act as your facility pass.

If your team has more than three (3) officials, additional facilities passes will need to be purchased by team officials.

EMSA ID Carding Memo Indoor 2017-18

The following groups/divisions require an EMSA I.D card:

  • U9 – U18 Premier Club Players and Team Officials (Coach, Assistant Coach, & Team Manager)
  • U14, U16, & U18 Community Players
  • U12, U14, U16, & U18 Team Officials (Coach, Assistant Coach, & Team Manager)

**All coaches/assistant coaches and managers for the above age groups require a card to be on the bench.
*Bench parents only require a piece of photo identification.

You must have your EMSA I.D card prior to the season starting. Referees will be checking player & team official cards at the start of every game. Any player or team official without an EMSA ID card will not be allowed to play or be on the bench.


SouthEast Zone Carding Dates

  • Date: September 30
  • Time: 10am – 1pm
  • Location: South Soccer Center – 6520 Roper Road


  • Date: October 4
  • Time: 5 – 8pm
  • Location: South Soccer Center – 6520 Roper Road