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A Coach’s Creed

The primary responsibility of a youth soccer coach is to help the young player to have fun, learn and improve. This responsibility makes a youth coach different from any other official in the club, league or association. We (coaches) coach for the joy and success of the players – and no other reason.

Coaching Information

Coaches Handbook Indoor Final Version 2021-2022

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Coaching Information previous seasons

Coaches Handbook Indoor 2020-2021

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Training Sessions Tips for Coaches

The Edmonton South East Soccer Association is committed to developing players to their highest potential. We follow the principles of long-term athletic development that encourages sports for life. Below you can links to different tips and drills that will help young soccer players with their development.

U6 Training

U8 Training

U10 Training

U12 Training

Referee Feedback Form

Please click here for the Referee Feedback Form

Certification Courses 

The Alberta Soccer Association offers the Certification Courses & has an excellent breakdown of what is required to become a fully certified Community Coach listed below:


For coaches of Tier 1 and Tier 2 club level teams, the “B” License program is available. For details contact the Alberta Soccer Association 780-474-2200 ext. 228

Communication with Parents

Dear coach, one simple way to improve communication with your player’s parents is by sending them a general information letter.

Coaching Resources 

  1. National Soccer Coaches Association of America (includes on-line coaching courses)
  2. Ed’s Suggested Drills and Videos (Scoop it!)
  3. Soccer Dictionary
  4. Sports Injury Clinic!!
  5. Coaching Kids Soccer